Call for participants – EUREGA XXIX

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Saturday, May 1th 2021



The European Rhine Regatta („EuropäischeRheinRegatta“) – for short EUREGA – is the international rowing marathon from the Loreley and Neuwied to Bonn. It is organized annually on the first Saturday in May by the Bonner Ruder-Verein 1882 e.V..

The EUREGAwas first launched in 1992 at the occasion of the 110th club anniversary of the Bonner Ruder-Verein 1882. Founding motto: „Living and celebrating Europe with the Rhine Regatta“.

Routes & classes

Home track – 22,5 km

Each team chooses a track on a lake or a river of 22.5 km length.
When the track is on a river, you will have to row one half against and one half with the current. We know that we will not get completely fair results. This year the focus is less on the competition than on the event of rowing together.

The following classes are available:

1) Casual Class without rating
2) Casual Class with rating
3) Competition Class


This year the destination will be the same location as the start.


  1. If there are at least 2 teams that meet the requirements of Masters C (minimum average age 43) or Masters E (minimum average age 55), another class will open for this purpose.
  2. If there is only one registration in one class, it will be attached to another class.
  3. For mixed teams at least 2 women must row the entire route.

Course of the regatta

Saturday, Home track

On saturday, all teams prepare to start on the selected track.
A time will be set at which the regatta will officially begin.
The teams have to take the exact start and end time by thereselves. The registration will take place online. At this time you have to submit your declaration of consent. There will be no briefing for your team leader this year.

Award ceremony, online

The award ceremony takes place depending on the arrival of the last boat and at the earliest at 6 pm
We will send the regatta t-shirts to you!


The winning team in each class will receive a EUREGA winner trophy. Honorary prizes are awarded for the best student rowing club, the furthest traveled team and for the overall victory. (For details see regatta order.)


Number of starting places

The number of starting places is limited to 75 boats.


For registrations before the deadline, each team receives the regatta rules by e-mail. Regatta rules are binding for all teams! Upon registration, before the start, a completed and signed consent form must be submitted.


All boats must be adequately secured against waves (for example by covers). The installation of buoyancy bodies as well as having pumps on board is recommended.


The rowers must have good swimming skills. Wearing lifejackets is recommended.

Monitoring, accessibility

Each team must have a working mobile phone in order to be reachable in case of important communications for the regatta management.


Registrations are only available online at

Online registration from: 07.03.2021 20:00
Deadline: 07.04.2021

Before the registration deadline, the following quotas will be awarded:

1) Secondory school student rowing clubs as well as rowing clubs from foreign countries, participating for the first time or having traveled far (> 500km) 10 places
2) Home track (22.5 km) 65 places

(Contingent 1 will be awarded regardless of the route selected. Contingent 2 will be awarded to teams that do not fall under 1 and in case 1 is already taken.)

There will be a maximum of 75 boats!

Should a contingent be fully assigned, a waiting list will be kept. After the registration deadline, the quotas and vacant seats will be given to waiting teams.

IMPORTANT: T-Shirt registration deadline: 14.03.2021. No size guarantee after this date!

Registration Procedure, Valid Registration

After a registration has been received online, the contact person receives an acknowledgment of receipt. Here, the participation fee and a bank account are mentioned. The participation fee is due within 4 working days after acknowledgment of receipt (receipt of payment on our account!). For this time a starting place is reserved depending on availability.
Approximately one week before the regatta, participation confirmations will be sent to the registered teams by e-mail.


Registration fee per boat: 25,- EUR
Fee for late registrations after the registration deadline: 5,- EUR

(Fees will not be refunded.)